Pest Control For House and Offices

Awan Garden Provides
Pests are smart and can enter your home or office through unexpected paths, such as small holes in walls and open windows. Many of us try to get rid of pests ourselves with insect sprays. However, it is not a permanent solution, as sprays only kill pests in your home or work area, rather than keeping them away in the first place.
The best way to deal with mistakes is to contact a pest control company as soon as you feel their presence in your home or office. Choosing an experienced and competent company for this service is important because if pesticides are not used correctly, they can harm both your health and your property.
At Awan Garden Store, we offer a variety of pest control services for residential and commercial properties in Islamabad. These services can be adapted to the individual needs of customers. Our professionals use a combination of chemical and non-chemical treatments to eliminate all types of pests, such as bed bugs, rodents, cockroaches and mosquitoes. We are committed to eradicating pests using industry-recognized means and methods and to protecting your family and property.