Garden / Lawn Spray Service

Awan Garden Provides
Although we are known for our pest control capabilities, we also have bright green fingers. Our mission is to keep your lawn and vegetation healthy, green, free of weeds and pests by using high-quality custom fertilizers designed to meet your specific lawn needs and effective weed control. Your lawn and garden will love us! In addition, our services are customizable. With our Premier Residential Lawn and Garden Care Services, you can combine all lawn and garden services and weed control with our pest control termite monitoring programs. This gives you a comprehensive umbrella service that meets all your pest, lawn and garden needs together.

Is gardening different from agriculture farming if yes then how?

An activity to grow or decorate the home or lawn in accordance with the ideas or hobby through the plantation, vegetables, fruits, or just fencing either to kill the time or to utilize it is called gardening. While agriculture farming is a term in which the new technology of Hybrid F1 seeds is used to grow plants, trees, and fruits with an improved and integrated impact.